Dragon Time

One of my early season favourite flies is the Dragonfly nymph. This version has rubberlegs to make it lively and a lightweight body that sinks well. By tying it like this i can use this large nymph on light rods. The abdomen is made of antron yarn, i use thick thread and make a solid knot at the centre of the piece of yarn. Then i fold it and tie it onto the hook. The end is sealed with superglue, the barred look is created with a waterproof marker pen.

Hook: Tmc 921 size 10.
Thread: Olive.
Abdomen: Olive Antron Yarn.
Legs: Rubberlegs.
Eyes: Black bead chain eyes, small.
Wingcase: Grizzly Marabou, olive.
Thorax: Olive Squirrel Dub.

Here i am at one of my hot spots for fishing the dragonfly nymph. Switch casting with the new Fario 8’6′ #5, loaded with presentation makes it the ultimate combo for narrow places.

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