Mayfly Time!

Last Friday I saw her again beautyful as ever, I never stop being amazed by her proportions and looks. The long slender abdomen and the slightly more powerful thorax is hard to not like. I bet I love her more than the trout it self. The annual hatch of the Ephemera Vulgata is here and it is time to spend as much time as possible on the water. Time spendt looking for the bigger fish in these waters that seldom show them selves at the surface. Where I live the mayfly hatch is one of three opportunities we have during the season to catch big trout on a dry fly. The other two is the hatch of the large caddisflies from the family Phryganea and the big flying ants (carpenter ants i think). I where out fishing yesterday and had a nice little fall of spinners in the evening that gave me four nice trouts, the fly I used is a good old favorite.

Polychenille Vulgata

Hook: Kamasan B405 size 10.
Thread: Brown Benecchi 12/0.
Tails: Moose body hair, 4 pcs.
Extended body: Floatant Chenille in Gold from Benecchi.
Wings: Nat. Brown cdc feathers.
Thorax: Fly-Rite nr. 30 – March Brown.
Hackle: Grizzly dyed olive.

I start tying this fly by placing a piece of chenille in the vice, fasten thread and tie the tails in.
Make whipfinish and add varnish on the knot. Then the rest is straight forward tying. Total length is 18-20mm, wings are about 17 to 18mm high. This fly floats very well and is extremely durable. I add some superglue to the base of the parachute hackle before i wind the hackle which makes it very solid. My favourite floatant for this fly (and others) is the DRY DIP SUPER from Tiemco. I also tie this fly in a olive version, for Danica use tan chenille and olive thorax. Add some markings at the abdomen with a marker pen, for example FLY TONE.

Tie a few and get out there!

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