The story behind the Guideline pro shop in Iceland

I used to work as a guide and have been a manic fisherman for the past 25 years so, having spent the past ten years fishing on the rivers in Kola. Being part of the sport fishing network in Iceland, I get lots of phone calls and requests for information but I was intrigued to get a phone call in spring 2009 from a friend asking me to set-up a website to sell the best flies available in Iceland.

At the time Hilli and myself were both woking on regular jobs and the website was supposed to be a small sideline. Pretty soon, however, customers were coming to our house to ask to buy flies and the project was gathering momentum. Pretty soon it got to the stage that we knew we had to do something about our growing ‘problem.’

Hilli had got to know Guideline while fishing in Russia and was very impressed with the brand. To cut a long story short, we contacted Guideline and got some friends to give us recommendations and after few weeks we had a Guideline account. Since we wanted to keep the shop small, we took our garage and converted it so that we could display tackle as well as sell online. We opened up in April 2010. Summer was a blast and we sold way beyond expectations and manage to make Guideline a brand that was noticed all over Iceland and by the end of summer we saw an opportunity to make this into a real shop and add the fly tying material. On the 8th of January 2011 we opened up the shop on Langholtsvegur 111. We can proudly say that the shop is a hit and with the flies , Guideline gear and the tying material. We expect great things in the years to come.

When it came  to designing the shop we went for modern and clean look that would fit  Guideline  and its image: we see Guideline as a brand of the future in Iceland and we consider ourselves very lucky to get the opportunity to work with this great brand and make it Iceland’s leading fly brand! Tight Lines,

Hilli & Oddný


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