LPXe RS V2 “The next generation”

LPXe RS V2 rods are made for that fast and furious action on flats, coasts or off boats in both tropical and cold water environments. They’re primarily designed to excel in windy open waters, with high line-speeds, larger flies and even bigger fish.

A total of 8 different rods from line weight 5-12, all 9 foot long, will cover any type of challenge you are encountering. This year’s new V2-generation sees a new cool looking design that is sure to stand out and make an impression.

A great white…

The 2011 version of our RS rods has received a few upgrades and cosmetic changes, to further improve on performance and functionality. The first thing you will notice, of course, is the color of the blank. A deep pearlescent white color gives the rods a marine look that feels, hmm. kind of saltwater..

Reel seats and guides are of high quality materials, to last in tough saltwater conditions and stripper guides are in chrome finish with Hardloy inserts that matches the blank color nicely.

The same goes for the reel seats that continue to be of our Guideline cut-away design. A new, custom designed, hard EVA fighting butt adds comfort and style to the rod.

The cork handles feature a brand new cork quality that is denser, with a slightly different texture and hand feel. Because this cork grows slower and in colder climate than the corks used today, it gets less holes and pores and thus doesn’t have to be improved with filler to the extent that has been more and more common on most cork handles these days.

We continue to use the same complex mix of different graphite modulus and weave in different parts of the blank and also use various mixes and curves for each rod model. Strain rates vary from a standard 24msi up to a high 48msi, to take advantage of the best properties from each material.

New for 2011 is that the power in the butt sections of the rods in line weight 10-12 has been increased. We have also altered the graphite mix to make them even more impact and strain resistant. This should make them even more capable of handling big fish, especially from boats.

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  1. Just came back from the Maldives where I tried out the new RS V2 rods. Performed great! Fast, responsive, able to deal with a lot of wind and the big poppers we were throwing for GT and Blue fin.
    The white looks great to when you are in the saltwater environment.

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