Biggest ever Arapaima caught on fly by a female angler!

By: Martin Karlsson

Just giving you some briefing from Thailand. First night we just went down to “vibba” for a while (vibba is Guideline prophet Hakan Norling slang for going flyfishing). In the dark Sandra has a take, but fish is not hooked. Later she has another take and sets the hook.
Some backing runs later she lands and release a nice Red Tail ( an introduced amazon catfich) that for it’s size has insane strength. Same Evning I land a Barramundi and two Pacus (vegetarian piraya style of fish) This fishing was Scandi seatrout style. Streamer fishing, straight casts, medium pace retrive and siloutte flies. Difference from home was that it was my RS 8wt and #10wt instead of my blue #6wt. Lines where airflo tarpon and bonefish and flies was 2/0 barbless tarpon black death style. Ok, I am not telling you about all big fish and difference species caught over here now. You will know in time. Worth to mention is Sandras fish. It’s not a secret anymore…

Long story short. Sandra fishes the bank with her RS 10wt and a 3/0 blueish baitfish pattern which we cut the barb on.
Sandra who was into way more fish than me casted only some 40 feet out and fished the shoreline in the dark, which is textbook night fishing. This revarded her with a  way-over-1-hour-battle spent way into the backing most of the time. With a medium drag setting and some hard side preasure, fighting the fish it was finally comming to shore (as we was fooled to belived every time we get a glips of the flyline…and it was out again) I was standing on the shore as a complete FU****G moron with a way to small salmon net in hand only to realise that this was not a fish but a dinosaur from Jura period. The fish stranded… i could not belive what i saw!!!
(If i was a complete sucker writer from stone age I would use a classic cliche quote for this you all would recognize….Ok, here it comes, ya all readyyyy? ok here it is: “the beuty and the beast”  (a love story) hahah. no well, it would actually suit this time.

It was said some year ago that only 14 people hade caught Arapaima on fly. Now it’s way moore than that. still as we know Sandras fish is probably the biggest ever to be landed on fly, a true Mordor beast which raides this small lake with awfull atrocities as a result…

For now we have landed i think over 400lbs of fish in total on the very same Reelmast L.A 6-8 and RS 10wt in 10 days. Not to mention all of the other backing runners lost. The last night with harder drag setting a beast was lost in the weeds, as the knot between 0,47 to 0.60 failed.
that’s all for now. Looking forward to the “great whites” a.k.a the new RS rods.

seeeeeeeeeeee ya.

Martin & Sandra.

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