Thread: Bennichi 12/0
Tube: FITS tube medium to extra small
Tail: Fluo fiber-white
Rib: Lagartune tinsel oval, fine
Body: Mirage tinsel opal and sss dub diamond pearl
Wing: Zonkerwing in rabbit-white. Tapered in the end.
Flash: Above wing sss diamond pearl
Fronthackel: Softhackel-yellow
Eggyarn lifter: Softcone
Head. Eggyarn-white.

In the begining of the season white flies are perfect to both seatrout and salmon. As always i choose not to add weight to the fly, but let the line do the work instead. Triple-D in intermediate/Sink2/Sink4 is the ultimate choice for the current conditions with normal water level. As the summer fishing starts with lower water I change to Tiple-D in Float/Hover/Intermediate or a floating Power Taper.

Give the fly a good speed and hold the rod thight, fish will strike!

Kim Jacobsen – Guideline Power Team

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