Kinermony Killer Templedog

Text/Photo: Duncan Egan – Power Team Guideline

The first fish caught this season of the Kinermony beat on the Spey ( held by Ghillie Jock Royan ) and caught on the Kinermony Killer Templedog.

The Kinermony Killer Fly was invented by Jock Royan Ghille for the Kinermony beat on the River Spey check out his website for up to date reports on how the river Spey is fishing having already tied the pattern in my deadly Flamethrower style which turned out to be outstanding i believe Jock’s guests have caught over 100 salmon on the pattern last season!!
He asked me to do a T-Dog style for fishing in the spring so here it is!!

Tubing- Yell FITS Med / Veniard Scandi Small
Tag – Silv Holographic
Rib – Oval Silv
Body – Silv Flashabou Dubbing
Flash – Silv Gliss n’ Glow
Wing – Yell Silv Fox / Yell Wing n’ Flash
Hackle – Yell Whiting Saddle
Wing – Orange Silv Fox / Or Wing n’ Flash
Hackle – Orange Whiting Saddle
Wing – Black Silv Fox
Cheeks – JC
Hackle – Blue Whiting Saddle

Bit of a short cut so heres the body with Flash tied in.

I have used the fold over method for tying in the first wing plus added the Wing n’ Flash.

Tie in Yellow hackle and do 3 turns.

Tie in Orange Silv Fox and fold over plus add Orange Wing n’ Flash.

Tie in Orange hackle and again 3 turns.

Tie in Black Fox but just lay this on top ( dont use the fold over method ).

Tie in JC.

Tie in Blue hackle and again 3 turns.

Finish fly off making a small neat head and then roll the fly in your finger this will make the hackles sweep back.



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