Waking up from hybernation, season has begun!

By: Martin Karlsson

Seatrout fishing on the westcoast of sweden is much appreciated because of it’s availability, it’s fun and free!
So when in ends in september hapy faces for the coast fanatics turn pale as their saltwater rods taked a nap.
Now some six months later, thoose restless souls wakes up from their hybernation as the coast “opens” up for a new season!
Fish here are not big, but the there is a few with double digit numbers caught every season by a handfull of very fortunate anglers.

The season for me and Guideline own Sandra was not that great, but as always it’s nice to get out there. What felt like hurricane winds made the fishing a bit difficult, at the very least. Cold water from the ocean traveled with the winds into the bays of the island, that did not exactly help the fishing, as the early season seatrout likes warm water , just as much as we do. We fought the wind and the ocean and came out as losers this day. Ocean takes, ocean gives, and it should remain that way. Sad to say we humans tend to only take! To manny times we take, frightend that if we don’t collect this resource someone else will, therefor WE TAKE IT! And when most commercial intrest do it that way, there is not much left

for the future. Greed is natures, and perhaps our worst enemy. Next weekend we return to the ocean, hoping it will reward with one or two fish, if not..we are atleast collecting one more experience.

Turn of your computer after reading this and get out there!

Hey, i mean now!

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