Arne Vistes Favourite Flies

Text/Photo: Arne Viste – Power Team Norway

Rekeflua (Shrimpfly)

Tied on Bottle-tube.
Tail: Orange polarbear + 2-4 strands of orange Flashabou Mirage.
Body/Rib: Black antron with ribbing of oval gold tinsel in medium.
Wing: Short black fox.
Cheeks: Jungle cock.
Fronthackle: Black cock hackle.

The original have black dubbing in the body, but i prefer to use yarn when i tie it on a tube. I fish this fly with a sinking line and “pump” it slowly in calmer current. The salmon on the picture is taken on this fly in river Orkla in june 2008. Weight 14kgs.

Allys shrimp
Hook: Kamasan b380. size 12-8
Tail: Orange bucktail (long and sparse). 2 strands of flashabou mirage in orange.
Body: Red/Black floss with oval silver ribbing.
Wing: Badger or white/black squirrel. Golden Pheasant tippet on top.
Fronthackle: Orange cock hackle.

This fly is a favourite from the middle of july and out the season. Without doubt THE most catching fly though all my years as a fisherman.

Pot-belly pig
Tied on a Bottle-tube
Tail: 4pcs of hacklestems from nat. brown cock hackle, badger, 2 strands of Flashabou Mirage opan, black bear and a golden pheasant crest feather.
Rear Hackle: In the rear tie in a brown cock hackle around the tube.
Body/Rib: Fly-Rite in Cinnamon ribbed with oval gold tinsel in medium.
Body-/palmerhackle: Nat. Brown cock hackle.
Cheeks: Jungle Cock
Head: Red.

A really good fly for strong current, in slower current i “pump” it.

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