A buss ticket is usually cheaper than a flight ticket, And how daydreaming is first step to reality

Text & Photo: Martin Karlsson

While Guidelines Sandra “the mechanic” is no stranger to flyfishing, with numerous fish landed with a flyrod, among them is a  world record seize Arapaima (100+kg) Due to her lack of time and intrest in coastal flyfishing Seatrout was not yet added to the list. Only one caught on spinning rod some years ago (before introduced to FF) This changed yesterday. After a couple of hard days on the coast with 5-6 degrees, spiced up with hurricane winds and no fish, you either say “this is not for me” or you go out there and make it happen. She choosed the second option and was rewarded with a small but nice Seatrout. Luckily for Sandra and her wallet is that buss tickets to local Seatrout spots usually is a bit cheaper than flights overseas. Some say that the grass is greener on the other side, well I say it’s true! No Tarpon swimming around here. With that said, Does it mean I don’t appreciate the waters around me? Hell no. There is Seatrout, Trout, Pike, Pearch etc. Loads of great fishing, But thoose Tarpon keeps me dreaming, And that’s a good thing. A friend of mine from Malaysia told me the other day, that he would really like to catch a Setrout someday, he proves my theory right. The grass is greener on the other side, but that does not keep him from enjoying his local Snakehead fishing.

Conclusion = keep on dreaming, and while you do so appreciate the things close to you. Some of us dream infront of a flytying wise, or with friends on the pub, you go find your spot. Paradoxally a dream is the first step to reality. To make it happen you got to dream it. I belive my malaysian friend will catch a Seatrout someday, Becaus it’s his dream. Even if your parents, your CEO or teachers tell you to wake up…Don’t
I overslept and dreamed my whole life, and it got me into trouble. It also got me to catch alot of Bonefish in Honduras. Today I got ideas from dreams worth millions I belive, just need to find that crazy visionary busniessman who can finance them.

Sandras dream is a Roosterfish on fly…
what’s yours?

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  1. Hi guys!

    Very inspiring article! Thanks for that! As you asked what’s our dreams, …Well so many to choose from but ok here I go: Take my bus ticket to British Columbia to catch Steelheads on a fly and someday be part of the Guideline Experience!!


    Tight lines!

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