FITS – Glow!

Text & photo: Mikael Frödin

Glow slang 1

Finally, we have succeeded in developing a real hot luminous tube! Forget all the other so-called luminous tubing’s here is one that really shines strong and long!

Imagine how cool it is ….. ! Either you let the tube catch the last bit of light and enhance your twilight flies or you flash the camera flash on the fly, and it shines long and hard. Most talk about the luminous materials amazing catches at night-time trout or sea trout fishing. That’s great, but remember that at all really heavy sinking line fishing the fly is fishing in relative darkness!  If you want to spice it up the extra, want it to really be visible down there in the depths, or even better at the tricky high waters with brownish dirty water – here’s the solution. The time in the air charges the fly with new power, cast after cast after cast after cast ……..

The product is in stock!

Glow slang

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