LPXe MicroWave – evolution or revolution?

The launch of the new Microwave Guide Concept from American Tackle Company has created more buzz than anything else on the International Fishing Tackle Shows this year.

Well you say. I have seen many different so-called innovative products that will set the new standard on my fishing. But at the end of the day, I’m back with the stuff I always use.

That was our first though as well. So, we had to test it thoroughly on our own spinning rods. After a few months of testing together with professional anglers and beginners this summer – we were not in doubt. The new LPXe Spin rods with MicroWave guides increased the casting performance significantly.

Here’s what Matt Hayes said after the test: “These guides will change the way rods are designed in a dramatic way. I am deeply impressed by the distance and accuracy achieved with such little effort put into the cast.”

Is this evolution or revolution? Well, you’ll know when you have tried it.

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