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Dear fishing friends,
It’s a new year and a new season to look forward to. So why don’t kick of the new year with one of our brand new videos. This is the first product video in a series of five films where we present our extensive range of shooting heads. It’s a lot of questions about fly lines and our goal is to make it easier for you to choose the correct line for your fishing.

In this Video Matt Hayes talks to Chief Product Developer in Guideline, Leif Stävmo, and asks him to explain the key features and benefits of the DDC CONNECT MULTI TIP. So, sit back and watch – we hope you like it.
PS: turn on HD to get the best quality

Espen Myhre
Marketing Director


  1. OK Love the idea of the DDC Connect but I would only buy it if it came with an integrated running line – I hate the Running Line / Shooting Head Connection – nothing smother than a complete – line ….

  2. Hi Rennie, I see your point. However, if you like me, never have the connection inside the top ring when casting it’s a smooth experience as well. In addition, you have the advantage of changing the running line when it’s getting old and crinkly or if you want to change from a coated running line to a Compline. if you want to read more about running lines go to:

    All the best from Espen

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