Product Video – Triple-D

Its four years since we introduced the first true Triple Density shooting heads on the market. It was and still is a real breakthrough in modern fly line design. Like all other Guideline shooting heads, Triple-D was first handmade by our people and comprehensively tested before we could put them in production.  However, making the first production sample was a great challenge because the factory had never before made such technologically advanced lines. The entire production software had to be reprogrammed. But, together with excellent product engineers and our own people we eventually managed to break the code and the first true Triple-D was born.

Power Taper Triple-D is still one of our most popular lines and the performance it yet to be matched. The lines deserve a proper product video, so we hereby proudly present our third product video of the year.

Watch Matt Hayes talk with Guideline Chief Product Designer, Leif Stävmo, about the project development and unique features of these original Triple Density shooting heads

Read more about Triple-Density here.

Espen Myhre
Marketing Director

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