Single handed fly casting techniques

Fly casting is one of the most exciting and challenging aspects of fly fishing.
Better fly casting not only improves your success on the water, it unifies the art and science of fly fishing.

We therefor asked our Power Team member Christopher Rownes for advice on how to become a better fly caster? It resulted in this short film where he gives you tips and inspiration to experience the through balance between physics, rod and line. Moreover, the most important thing is to go out there and play and train with your rod and line to become a better caster and fly fisher.

Want to know more about what tackle Cristopher use?

LPXe RS v2: 9 fot #5
A light-tackle saltwater fly rod with loads of attitude and potential. The perfect choice for sea trout, bonefish and even brown trout when short- to mid-range fishing in calm and shallow waters are the order of the day.

Experience WF Floating Line
The Experience WF floating line offers an effective solution for fishing varying water types with the same line. This flyline will perform very well for close range work, but will excel in medium to long distance fishing.

The super slick coating, a low diameter belly, together with carefully selected core stiffness has resulted in a line that generates high energy and delivers long casts with maintained line control. The key to the performance is the balance between a long front taper, a medium long belly and a back taper followed by a medium thick handling line that lets you aerialize more line with better control when going for distance.

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