The fly is the key

Text & Photo: Mikael Frödin

There are a million different flies – how to pick the right one –how to put a good selection together? Salmon pro Mikael Frödin guides us to pick 18 flies for clear days, 18 for cloudy, 18 night flies, 12 for flooded conditions + a few dries and skaters. A nice little selection of about 70 flies that will cover all your needs!  Make sure to adjust the sizes to the conditions – Check it out!

The “green river” (like The Gaula, Laerdal, Miramichi and many Norwegian rivers)
Clear wheather: Mean Green, Greenlander, Green samurai sizes:15, 30, 50 mm
Cloudy: The Witch, Vahaeniva Black Green Helmet. Sizes: 25, 40, 60 mm

The “blue river” ( like the Driva, Dee, Restigouche and some others)
Clear wheather: Sillen, Virgin P, Silver Wilkinson sizes :15, 30, 50 mm
Cloudy: Dee Sheep, Moonshine, Black samurai Sizes: 25, 40, 60 mm

The gin clear river: (Like the Naeröydalselva, Lakselva, Bonaventure and many more)
Clear wheather:  Silver & Silver, Grey & Green, Silver samurai sizes:15, 30, 50 mm
Cloudy: Black & Silver, Simple Fly black samurai. Sizes: 25, 40, 60 mm

The Whiskey or the coloured river: ( Like the Mörum, Alta Tweed and many many more)
Clear wheather: The Pahtakorva light, Pahtakorva, Willie gun sizes :15, 30, 50 mm
Cloudy: Pahtakorva, Willie gun samurai, Hamilton Sizes: 25, 40, 60 mm

Night flies: Happens every day …. every where!
Mikkeli Blue, Kraken, Mikkeli samurai 6, 8 12 cm and bigger

When the rivers are flooded: Happens any time… every where!
Inflames, Sierrakorva, Moonshine or Orange Samurai. Sizes : 10, 12 or bigger….

Skaters & dries: Try them anytime… every where!
Turbo skaters, Nobody skaters and Tri turbo bombers Sizes: 15, 30, 80 mm and, on hooks 3, 7, 9 match the bomber colour with the water.


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