Small Salmon Weekend

We found this unpublished piece from Junior Powerteam Elias Waage Helstad  from season 2014 about a weekend of fishing a small river in Norway. 


0,8 cubic. Low temperatures and wind from north. Small river. Wet waders and cold fingertips. But much salmon! We arrived at the destination friday the 20th of August. In the car, driving from Værnes airport, Jan Erik and Steffen had been feeding me with a lot of expertations. “Small river, but big fish!”. Yes, as you probably understand, my hands were shaking when Jan Erik parked the car beside our cabin for the weekend, and we were just about to go flyfishing.

It hadn’t rained for such a long time, so the river was pretty low. Hard conditions for us flyfishers; ground and small streams and pools. The cold weather didn’t make it better. But we held our heads high, and hoped for the best. After some hours fishing, we had got an OK impression of the river. We agreed that a higher water level wouldn’t be bad, and we hoped for some rain the next day. But on these trips it isn’t always the fishing that matters, but having a good time with great friends.


The next day we woke up for a lot of rain, and it seemed like the weather-gods heard our prayers. The river was now on a waterlevel close to 5 cubic, and it seemed like the river was about to rise the whole day. Just before dinner, Jan Erik landed a nice small salmon in the famous pool in the river. Pretty big, orange flies seemed to work now! After some great tasty meat and potatosalad we were ready for fishing throughout the night. When the clock passed nine, something wild happend to the river. It were now on 12 cubic, and Steffen started the show with a great looking small salmon! Jan Erik followed, and later I caught a nice one. Totally 10 salmon were landed that night! Steffen with the largest with 75 cm. We cannot really think through what we got to experience…


The morning after weren’t poorer. Steffen and I landed two salmon each, and the fly called Steffen-Tuba was destroyed all over.


Now I know that my Granbo friends didn’t lied about the conditions in this great river. Landing fish with rods from #3-#8 in one weekend is something everyone should experience! Now, we’re really looking forward to a long week here later this summer, and even more to the movie thats going to be released during the autumn.

Remember – it’s all about the experience!

Tight lines from Elias Waage Helstad – Junior Powerteam.

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