Rod selection

Words & image by Chris Hague

As a professional fly fishing instructor / guide I often get asked about rod selection. So I am going to give you some feedback on the single handed rods I have used this year. 


River rod
I have used the Guideline Fario Classic 10 ft, 3 weight this season. This rod is what I call a proper fishing tool. I like to use a high stick method when fishing nymph’s on the river. This rod is ideal for that type of fishing and the feel is excellent. A fish only needs to breathe on your fly sub surface and you feel it. This rod is also very capable of delivering a dry fly with delicacy. This means I can carry one rod on the river and cover numerous techniques with it. The line I have been using with this rod is the Guideline Presentation. I find this line superb and use it for all my river fishing.

Link to Fario Classic at the Guideline website:;pagesize=12

Still Water Rod
I have used the Fario CRS 9 ft 6 weight this year and I can honestly say it is a long time since I had a rod in my hand that feels as nice as this one. It casts tight loops with ease and if I were taking my exams again this would be the rod I would use. The biggest compliment I can pay this rod is my Sage XP has now been retired. This rod is a credit to Chris Rownes and Leif Stavmo who developed this rod for Guideline. The line I have used with this rod is the Guideline 4 Cast. It is easy to cast, very accurate and turns over superb. This is one of my all time favourite lines.

Link to Fario CRS at the Guideline website:;pagesize=12

Salt Water
I have used the RSI this year and I can honestly say this rod feels like it is fitted with a turbo. It has a fast action, but still retains great feel. I took both the 9ft 6 weight and 9 ft 8 weight on a Bone fishing trip this year to Mexico and they handled the task in hand easily no matter what the wind threw at them. I love my Fario CRS for still water fishing but the RSI would also do a job on the still water. The line I paired with this rod is the Guideline Pike Line, although this line is not designed for salt water fishing , I find it works excellent with the RSI and it stands up to the heat well.

Link to RSI at the Guideline website:;pagesize=12

Best regards Chris Hague
Professional Fly Fishing Instructor/Guide.
APGAI Advanced Professional Instructor

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