MVD Muddler – Step by Step


We have been fishing river Emån quite a few times this season with our friends from fly tying company FutureFly in Denmark. The fishing during the last days of the season was very good and Guideline staff member Andreas Möller landed some hefty fish on the new fly MVD Muddler. We are preparing a tying video but in the meantime you here get a quick screenshot Step-by-Step of the fly + the materials used.  


MVD Muddler
Tube – FF Tube Clear 1,85 mm
Front disk – MV Disk ´Glow in the dark´
Weight – FF Balance Tungsten Tube, under dubbing
Head – Black deer hair, muddler style
Wing – Black tanuki
Hackle – Black hen
Legs – Orange barred rubber legs
Dubbing – FF Signature, After Midnight
Body – Flat braid, silver
Butt – UNI yarn, Hot orange


1. Add butt, flatbraid body and rubberlegs.



2. Add the balance tube and dubbing.



3. Tie in the tanuki wing in two steps, first an underwing of some stiffer hair.



4. Tie in and wrap the black hen hackle.



5. Tie in the black deer hair muddler style.



6. Slide a MV Disk on to the tube in front of the deer hair. Secure with glue.



7. Cut the tube and burn the end to secure the MV Disk. Trim deer hair.



And the fly did the trick during the dark September hours!



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