New PT member – Emil Westrin

We continue our serie here at the Blog where we present our new Power Team members for season 2017. Next up is Emil Westrin, a skilled photographer and fly angler from Umeå, northern Sweden. Emil says; Trout fishing has always been close to my heart. It began when I was 3-4 years old and ran along the creek in my parents summer home, sight them and tricked them with worms. 

emil-westrin-portratt kopia

In 2007 I moved to Umeå, a city in the northern Sweden with 7 wild salmon rivers in a 100km radius, so here is where I spend my time in the spring and early summer. I stay close to the coast and fishing for salmon and sea trout as long as the snow remains in the mountains and in the beginning of July, I take my car to the mountains in the northern Scandinavia where I trekk and trying to find some untouched and remote trout creeks.

Below you see a gallery with a batch of Emil´s images when he went out to test some new Guideline equipment in the snow and ice outside Umeå. Some image by @lindaklae


Emil is also featured in one of Rolf Nylinder´s movies – The Field Coffee Diary – EP4.  Have a look 3:20 into this clip when Emil is looking for big surface feeding arctic char in a lake somewhere in northern Sweden.

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