New PT member – Calle Lundqvist

We continue our small series at the Blog where we present the new Power Team members for season 2017. Next up is Calle Lundqvist, a salmon fly angler from norther Sweden who has gained some really cool reputation during the last seasons. In short; if you want to find fish in the northern rivers entering the Baltic Sea, and especially if you are a film maker, you call Calle. Further down you find some clips from last summer when both Hooké and Rolf Nylinder featured Calle in their movies about salmon fishing in the north of Sweden.

calle-portratt-2 kopia

Calle says; Living by the coast in the north of Sweden gives me a lot of opportunities when it comes to salmon and sea trout fishing. Fly fishing for salmon has always been a big part of my life and for me it’s all about taking yourself out of the comfort zone whether it comes down to try out a new fishing spot or wade as deep as your waders possibly allow. I spend most of my time looking for Baltic salmon in the north but I won’t hesitate to take a quick drive to the Norwegian coast if the conditions seem to be better with the Atlantics.

Below you can watch some clips with Calle along the Baltic rivers. 


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