Guideline LPXe 9´ #5 – Trout & Salmon Overall Winner!

We are honored and proud to share the top comments with the amazing Sage X fly rod! Trout & Salmon Magazine writes; Both James and Don felt that the £799 Sage X was the best rod but that the £349.99 Guideline LPXe ran it close. Given the price difference, it would be hard not to pick the Guideline LPXe as the overall winner.


GUIDELINE LPXe – £349.99
The new LPXe felt powerful from the off. It has a fast tip action, though it is not as stiff as the Redington. There is plenty of reserve power in the blank, which makes generating high line speed an effortless affair. It is especially effective casting into the wind. It was very accurate with both lines in the test, though it prefersa slightly slower stroke with the Triangle Taper. It was hard to separate the Guideline, Orvis, Scott and Loop but the LPXe feels lighter in the hand than the Orvis and is more forgiving than the Scott. It would be an excellent rod for the intermediate caster who wants to improve their skills, and yet it is a rod you would not outgrow. Advanced casters will really enjoy it, too.
The best of the midpriced rods.

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