Gaula salmon – the french way

 This year I was lucky enough to head to Gaula river on NFC waters a little bit earlier as usual, so It’s wit a great hope I packed all my equipment with the first time the great the new Lpxe in 16’ lenght. Words & images by Fabrice Bergues, Guideline Power Team France. 


I used the 13’9 Lxi with the new 4D lines with most often belong the combination body 1/3 with 4/6 and 5/7 tips, and the new 3D+ in 2/4/6 , 1/3/5 and F/H/S4, and of course big tubes flies with Future fly in marble fox and zonker variations. The good news on our arrival was a little window in water level in order for some salmon to pass through the Gaulfossen canyon and then to reach our beat in very short time. Although the water level has dropped a little, it’s still high and I take the opportunity to handle the large stick ! It not take a long time for me to change my point of view concerning so large rod, this one is just amazing, light powerful with a very sensitive tip.


I was amazed how easy is it to handle the heavy line and much more amazed to see a long is it possible to cast with large tube flies. After a short time I was happy to have my first pull and to land a 106 cm beauty bar of silver, the rod is just a lethal weapon. After dinner we decide with my friend to go up the river to see if some other salmons have reached the upper parts. Bingo ! The second salmon of the day much more modest but just as beautiful as the previous one, with sea lice! This one with the LXi 13’9.


The day after we try again in the upper beat, with this high level I prefer use the « little one » in order to be more comfortable against the bank, very closed to the bushes, and we are both rewarded by a 10 kg fish! In new pool, a little bit later I try again the LPXe in order to cast long distance without effort and then the same thing happen, I can feel the line drawn tight… Incredible, a new 10 kg fish has taken to my tube fly, amazing days!




Words & images by Fabrice Bergues, Guideline Power Team France. 




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