Carp – European bonefish on the fly

We got some nice images and text from carp angler Jamie Sandford from the UK. Jamie says – ´I started fly fishing for carp here in the U.K. like most using deer hair patterns and various other imitations on the surface some years ago. Through YouTube and various books I took an interest in how American and European anglers fly fish for their carp – sight fishing using a variety of flies and patterns. 


Using lures throughout the summer months here in the U.K. has resulted in me landing carp and treating them like the predator they are by stripping hot flashy coloured lures like you would for Trout – to fish this way specifically is something I feel is rather alternative here in the U.K.’s current Fly Carpin’ scene.


I’m currently using a #7 Guideline EXCEED which is a superb rod for getting big fast carp under control. I use this in conjunction with a WF7F 4-Cast line. A superb line that allows me to cover fish at any distance.


Some time ago I fished guided with ‘Carp on Fly Adventures’ in Portugal for 3 days and caught over 30 Carp and 4 Barbel. All fish came by casting to feeding fish and using the ‘drag and drop’ technique before setting the hook once the fish had taken the fly. Some of the takes were spectacular to witness, watching carp and barbel lunge at the Fly. These strong and wild fish sure know how to fight and the Exceed handled the battles perfectly!


Flies used were small Nymph and Crayfish imitations and the responsiveness of the rod really came in handy when short neat casts were needed to be made. ‘Carp on Fly Adventures’ are based in Portugal and can be contacted via Facebook or Google.




Words & images by Jamie Sandford. 



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