The Brown Fly

Word & images by Calle Lundqvist, Guideline Power Team Sweden.

Some of you may remember the blogpost from May this year where Calle Lundqvist wrote about his ´Rule of thumb about flies´ and stated – The color of the flies are not so important as long as they are brown. The statement was illustrated with an image of Calle´s fly box and well, he really like brown flies…. And as we got requests about the Brown Fly, here we present a Step by Step instruction from Calle´s desk.


Last swing of the pool. Once again that big fish that just showed up head and tail rejected the fly. Should I try another fly? Or just leave it and head to another pool? But what if you didn’t have to put yourself in that position, what if you could use a fly that the fish just can’t reject. If I had to use one fly and one fly only for a whole summer, this would be the one. This one in different sizes and materials is tied to my leader 98% of the time.

I’m fishing for salmon. It works in dirty water, clear water, low water, high water, early season, late season. In fact my own statistics shows that 60% of the time, it work every time. Just remember to dip it in your confident jar before you tie it on.  The fly pictured here is about 10 cm long and the one I would use early in the season. Later in the season I’ll just make em´ smaller and use less flash and material.


Material needed:
Black thread.
Tube of your own choice with some weight.
Some sort of copper flat braid.
Ice dub, Peackock black.
Orange polar bear or other stiffer material. 
Fiery brown fur of your own choice. I use fox. 
Orange and black ringneck hackle.
Copper Gliss n Glow. 
Angel hair rusty olive.
Jungle Cook if you prefer. The fish don’t care.

• Wrap the braid and the dubbing. About 50/50 of the body. Keep the body pretty short.
• Tie the polar bear or your own material of choice first pointing forward and the fold back and secure. Add 2 strands of Gliss n glow and dubble them.
• Wrap the orange ringneck hackle. Add another section of hair. This time fiery brown and a bit longer than the first wing (forward, back technique).
• Wrap a black ringneck hackle and add a few strands of the rusty olive flash.
• Tie the last and longest section of the wing. This one fiery brown as well. (forward, back technique). Add Jungle Cook as sides if you like it. If you’re a badass you skip them.

• Wait for summer and catch a Salmon!

Happy tying!
Word & images by Calle Lundqvist, Guideline Power Team Sweden.


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