Change FAVO retrieve from LH to RH

The Guideline FAVO fly reels always come in Left Hand retrieve, but they are very easy to change if you want Right Hand retrieve instaed. All you need is a Philips screw driver in the correct size. First step is to loosen the spool cap and take off the spool, then follow steps below.

1. Unscrew the Spindel Holder Screw (Part no. 23) all the way, take it out and put it aside. Sometimes the little flat Hub Retainer (Part no. 22) will come out together with the screw, but no worries, just put it aside also.


2. Lift and take away the Main Spindle (Part no. 20) and put it aside.


3. Lift the Clutch Bearing / One Way Bearing (Part no. 24).


4. Turn the Clutch Bearing UP-SIDE DOWN (white side up) and put it back at the same place as before.


Now put the main spindle and screw back as before and mount the spool.

Your FAVO reel now has right hand retrieve.


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