New Power Team 2018 – Karo Koljonen (FI)

As the new fishing season approaches we will run a small series here at the blog where we present our new Power Team members for 2018. Now it is time to present our second female addition to the team 2018, Karoliina Koljonen from Finland and sister to Sanna. Karo fell in love with pike fishing already at the age of seven and after getting her first fly rod in her early teens, she started fly fishing for grayling and brown trout in the Finnish rivers. 

Over the years the hobby has grown to new dimensions when Karo has, for instance, expanded her hobby to salmon and sea trout fishing with double hand rods. Nowadays Karo mostly fishes in Finland, but a few times a year you can find her fishing in Scandinavian rivers. However, especially in the early season, Karo likes to take her belly boat and head to the south coast of Finland to chase pike in the Baltic Sea. The passion for fishing doesn’t seem to have faded at all during the years, on the opposite, her eagerness for sharing and creating unforgettable fishing experiences drove Karo to start her fishing guide education last year. What happens after the school remains a mystery for the time being but Karo hopes that the future will be at least as fishy as her life at the moment. For more photos of Karo’s adventures, follow her on Instagram @Karokoljonen

Again, a warm welcome Karo to the Guideline Power Team!

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