Seychelles, RSi & Vosso

Fly fishing guides Oliver Thompson and Mathew Solon has returned from The Seychelles after a season guidning at Alphonse Fishing Company. They brought our heaviest Guideline RSi rod and a big Vosso reel and here’s the report with images. Some insane fish to catch on fly!


Guiding a full season in salt water is the ultimate physical test a guide can put his body through, a combination of coral, salt and surf insure you return home with battle scares from head to toe. It comes as no surprise that your fishing gear returns in a similar state. This past season guiding for Alphonse Fishing Company we chose to travel with the Guideline RSi 9′ 12wt, coupled with their Vosso 911 reel, at this stage we should also mention that the trio of coral, sand and surf are joined by one more destructive element the Giant Trevally, the biggest, baddest creature on the flats.


Fishing for these fish with new gear one is naturally nervous, their sheer power leaves you feeling like something must surely break at any moment, having landed several the biggest being over a meter in length, we were more than impressed with how both rod and reel performed. Fishing 130lbs tippet the Vosso was locked as tight as it would go during the fight, additional pressure with your palm was also needed but the larger fish still have the power to take you to the backing, you cannot imagine the torque your reel is under during such battles. Any closed system drag that can withstand such pressure is merit enough on its pedigree.


As for the RSI we found it refreshing the fact that its not as stiff as a plank like most 12wt rods, having plenty of power in the lower sections the tip is quite forgiving so much so that a decent cast without hauling is actually possible a feature which all angers should consider when buying a 12wt rod. We have arrived home with both rod and reel intact and will most certainly head south next season with the same.

Report by fly fishing guides Oliver Thompson and Mathew Solon, Alphonse Fishing Company.


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