Experience Vest

The Experience Vest is a non-bulky, no tangle adjustable vest that can carry all you need. Key words are: Good capacity, clean outer, great freedom of movement and light weight. The vest is constructed from 210 denier oxford nylon with mesh lining, which gives a durable outer shell and comfortable inner/back. The vest is convertible and integrates with the Experience and Alta backpacks in just a minute. 


The pocket design with the adjustable internal divider gives you maximum flexibility to adapt the vest’s pockets to your fly boxes. The divider also makes sure the top boxes don’t fall out or down when you pick out the bottom one. Apart from the Velcro fly patch on left chest the two sides of the vest are identical. We have made it this way to ensure everything can be stored in its most natural place for you. The Experience Vest is designed to keep tools and gadgets safe/firm and still handy, no dangling stuff. The vest is convertible and integrates with the Experience and Alta backpacks in just a minute. However, we have given the vest an ergonomic cut to make sure that shoulder straps from a backpack don’t interfere with the vest design. Carry both, side by side! This vest is made for all kinds of fishing and it equally suits both the minimalist and the ones that must have those “just in case” boxes handy. Great capacity, top functionality in a low profile, compact design! Full info about the Experience Vest at our website >>>



  • Front closure with a magnetic buckle on elastic webbing or quality YKK zipper for a snugger fit.
  • Two outer elastic mesh pockets each side, rear pocket has velcro closure to keep those expensive tippet spools safe.
  • One large pocket each side with divider that can carry a large Dewitt or C&F plus a small/medium box. Total length is 35cm inside for storage.
  • Two inner mesh pockets each side. One vertical and one with horizontal zipper.
  • One tool garage each side with removable retractor, elastic webbing loops for floatants and nylon webbings for clamping your forceps. There are two positions for retractor each side so you can attach both on one side.
  • There are two elastic webbing loops on each side centre, the lower are made to hold power floatants like Dry Shake.
  • The upper is for gel and oil floatants. There are also two nylon webbing loops above these where you can clamp your forceps, hang your sunglasses or floatant holders in.
  • The zippered back pocket is folded and is expandable when you fill it up it can carry your wading jacket.
  • If you use a hydration system there is a hole underneath the D-ring in the neck for the tube. And the crossover nylon webbing loop on top front can hold the tube in place.
  • D-ring in back for landing net.
  • Total height of front section is 40cm and back is 35 cm which gives plenty of space above the waist line for wading.
  • Adjustable straps in sides and top for perfect fit. Top straps hide inside top of the vest and side straps have flexible band around them to prevent any fly line from tangling.
  • Velcro patch left side for drying flies or attaching gadgets.

Image gallery by Alvaro G. Santillán, Leif Stävmo, Henrik Larsson, Christer Andersson. 


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