News 2020 – Terror Ridge

We will run a series of short blog posts about our new products for season 2020. The full product info you will find at our website, but in the blog posts we will also share some insights on the products. First out is the new wading boot from Korkers called Terror Ridge.


The Terror Ridge wading boot has the OmniTrax® Interchangeable Sole System for customized traction on the fly and have the unique Heel Lock system to securely anchor your entire foot and turn it into a stable platform for hikerlike performance on challenging terrain and river bottoms.

They are fitted with traditional shoe lace with durable non-corrosive hardware and a dynamic heel lock provide a superior fit. The hydrophobic materials gives faster drying times which lessen the chance of spreading invasive species. Water flows thru internal channels then out midsole ports, quickly removing excess water and weight. Featuring achilles reinforced padding for added stabilization and comforting support.

The materials are stronger than leather and are very abrasion resistant. They incorporate synthetic upper with protective PU cast quarter panels and molded TPU toe cap. Terror Ridge has an extended two year warranty from the date of purchase. They weights 750 grams per boot in #US10. Available in US size 7-15 (whole sizes only).



OmniTrax® Interchangeable Sole System

The sweet thing about OmniTrax® soles is that you both can change and get optimal traction instantly, but also give a long life to your boots as you just buy a new sole when the old one gets worn.


For the European market we do not stock the full range of Korkers soles, but in short we have a wide selection of different soles that will give you plenty of options for most places you may wade on this side of the pond. At our website you can see the current sole models we stock for the EU/Scandinavian market >>>

OmniTrax Triple Threat soles

The latest addition to the sole lineup is the OmniTrax Triple Threat soles. In short they are one sole where you can mount the grip system you prefer. There are three different studs you can mount on the Triple Threat sole:

  • OmniTrax Triple Threat Alu Hex Disc (mounted on sole below)
  • OmniTrax Triple Threat AluBar (lower left)
  • OmniTrax Triple Threat Carbide Spike (lower right)

WEB_Image OmniTrax Triple Threat Alu Hex Sole  1049231315083214.jpeg

WEB_Image OmniTrax Triple Threat CarbideSpike Pack 104932199192473023

The sweet thing about the Triple Threat setup is that you can customize the grip exactly the way you want – and have Alu Hex Disc in the toe area, AluBar in the middle of the sole and Carbide Spikes under the heel. This may be a little overkill… but you have the option to mount them any way you want.

Korkers Heel Lock system

The new feature of the Terror Ridge wading boot is the unique Heel Lock system to securely anchor your entire foot and turn it into a stable platform for hikerlike performance. If you check the image below you see that the woven Heel Lock webbing is incorporated with the lacing. When you lace your boots this means that the Heel Lock webbing will apply double the pressure as it act as a tackle.


Tight lines from the Guideline crew in Sweden and Norway. 
/Henrik, Guideline HQ 

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