New colors 2020 – Vosso & Fario LW

We will run a series of short blog posts about our new products for season 2020. The full product info you will find at our website, but in the blog posts we will also share some insights on the products. Today we will have a quick look at two current fly reel models that will come in new colors for season 2020 – our big game reel Vosso in Glossy Slate Black and our trusted trout reel Fario LW in NT8 Grey. 


Vosso to the left, and Fario LW to the right, showing the backside of the fly reels
with the easy adjustable brake knobs in the centre of each reel.  


Vosso Glossy Slate Black

Vosso are the most exclusive fly reels in our range and for season 2020 we add one more color to the lineup – Glossy Slate Black. This means all four sizes will be available in four different colors – Dark Grey, Silver, Dark Azur & Glossy Slate Black.

The whole Vosso family features high-end materials and a breaking system that handles all fishing situations no matter how demanding. Regardless of whether you are chasing migratory freshwater fish or hard fighting salt water species.

The Vosso Glossy Slate Black will be available spring 2020 in all sizes – #68, #79, #911 & #1113. RRP from EUR 459,00.


Fario LW NT8 Grey

The first ever Guideline fly reel to be designed exclusively for trout fishing. Every detail and every function has been developed with that one thing in mind; to create a perfect, lightweight, cool, dependable and yet solid reel for serious anglers.

These reels carry a strong Truss X-construction and the recessed reel foot brings the reel closer to the grip for better balance. A built-in tippet holder keeps loose ends in place to avoid tangle. The light, low diameter, waterproof and sealed drag system features a carbon/stainless disc stack.

The Fario LW NT8 Grey will be available spring 2020 in all sizes – #24, #46 & #68.
RRP from 349,00 EUR.


Basic reel maintenance

A modern fly reel is a fine piece of mechanical engineering and are made to stand the test of time in harsh environments. But there are some basic things you can consider, to prolong the life span of the reel and make it run smooth even under the worst conditions.


  • Salt water is one of the most hazardous things for a fly reel and if you fish the coast or the ocean, be sure to give your reel a good rinse in fresh water when you get back from a day of fishing in the salt.
  • The break system in todays reels are often constructed of stacks of carbon and steel discs or sometimes cork. Between fishing trips when you do not use the reel, back down the break to zero and you will avoid problems with an uneven break in the future.
  • At the end of the season; take apart and check the reel and break system and give it a good clean and a bit of oil or lube to make it run smooth. But be sure not to get any oil/grease at the break discs.
  • This may seem like a no brainer, but most reels that get an ugly scratch or a bent spool or frame get it when you fall and the reel take the impact. With this said – walk carefully and use wading boots with the best possible traction like the new Korkers Terror Ridge with OmniTrax® Interchangeable Sole System


Tight lines from the Guideline crew in Sweden and Norway. 
/Henrik, Guideline HQ 

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