Foldable Carbon Wading Staff

Foldable Carbon Wading Staff – New product season 2020!

Compact, lightweight and sturdy wading staff made of strong graphite with impact resistant aluminum bottom section and tungsten end point. Strong, non-stretch PE inner cord locks the staff in extended mode. Staff measures 36 cm when folded and 147 cm fully extended.


Equipped with both ball-lock and telescope snap-lock closures for added security. The top end features a non-slip EVA handle with dual height multigrip area and a D-ring attachment point for safety-lanyard. Weight including pouch 250 grams. RRP EUR 99,99 – SEK/NOK 999,00


Despite its low weight it is surprisingly sturdy when extended to its full length. It has a strong, non-stretch PE inner cord that locks the wading staff in extended mode. This is an important feature when wading in rocky areas as it keeps the joints together even if the staff gets stuck between rocks on the bottom.

The wading staff is really simple and quick to extend to its full size of 147 cm. Just take it out of the pouch and hold it vertically. The parts will then fall together and get a fit snug between the parts. Step two is to extend the telescopic part inside the top handle part, until you hear a click and the ball-lock locks into place. Last step is to pull the top parts apart to tighten the inner cord and lock the snap-lock.

Now the staff is ready for use, and even if the point get stuck between rocks the inner cord will hold the joints together.  With its light weight and slim construction this is of course not a staff for the heaviest currents and deeper wader, but for most situations the Guideline Foldable Carbon Wading Staff will do wonders to give you a stable and more secure wade in running water and difficult coastal environments.


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