Which Fario WF trout line?

For the 2020 season we have revamped most of our WF lines with new and advanced production technology and materials. The Fario is now a concept of three different lines for trout fishing with dry flies, nymphs and even smaller streamers. We like to call them all-round trout lines.

The major difference in these lines are head length. They all feature a long front taper that ensures delicate presentations and precise turnover. The lines have the weight concentrated towards the back which makes them very well suitable for all kinds of water born casts such as the different “spey casts”. And they have a handling line to balance up and give you the possibility to do nice stabile casts at distance.

So, which one to choose and what are their strengths and weaknesses?

Fario Tactical

The Fario Tactical is a line for fishing at short and mid distance, up to 20m. It excels when fishing in tight positions vs. the other two. If you know the Presentation from before this is the successor! An improved taper that makes one of our most selling lines ever even better. A great line for the novice to learn the basics and a tactical weapon for the improver/advanced caster.


Fario Tactical 1150 Profile.png


Fario Elite

Fario Elite is the new Fario WF, taper and design are like the predecessor and with the new materials this super all-rounder just got even better. If you want a line to do it all and cast on short-mid-long distance this line is the one for you.


Fario Elite 1150 Profile.png


Fario Distance

A totally new line with a longer belly that makes a more stabile line for the longest presentations. A line for those who like to have more line aerialized and have room for it. It sacrifices some short range properties in favour of the other two but beat them on controlled casts on longer distance (20-30m) Typical line for lakes and larger rivers.


Fario Distance 1150 Profile.png


New Technology & Materials

Moving away from PVC that bleeds harmful plasticizers (Phthalates) into the water has been a goal for years. Our shooting heads have been made of Polyurethane coating since many years back. Now, finally with the new technology we also introduce this in our WF lines. 

The new technology short TLT (Triple Layer Technology) is a new, revolutionary chemical formula and three different coating materials control hardness as well as memory and density in various parts of the lines. This creates better casting performance, more efficient fishing and bite detection, as well as added durability. TLT has given us the chance to build lines that float well and repel water better and more effectively than any lines we’ve produced before. Built on braided multifilament Direct Contact Core with only 6% stretch.

IMG_6940 (kopia).JPG

The most Eco-Friendly Lines on the market
The whole process around these lines have also taken them to a whole new level in terms of eco friendliness and carbon footprint. Packaging are reduced to a minimum to save space and volume in transport and plastic spools have been removed to save both environment and weight/volume. The measures taken save’s us from an annual production of 1,2 tonnes with plastic. All boxes are made of recycled materials with water-based UV coatings. All in all the most ECO friendly lines on the market.




  1. Just purchased a LPXe 9fot klass4 and a haze24 no fly line get I’m struggling in the flyline djungel sould really need a professional flyline

    1. Hi Jörgen,
      If you need a great all-rounder, go for the Fario Elite. It will manage very well in all your lake- and river fishing. If you mainly fish small/medium rivers Tactical is a great choice too.

  2. Maybe you should inform that your lines are one class heavier than standard AFTM class, beginners with soft rods, like glass and cane rods will have to go down a class to make your lines suit their rods better, I know how important this is and I will try the Tactical 2wt for my softer 3wt rods.

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