The Ultra Light Scandi system – PART 2

I have now used the ULS equipment a lot for a couple of seasons. During these seasons I have found my favourite combinations for the different situations I am experiencing. When I am setting up this system in different ways, I am covering all the various situations I’m encountering fishing with a singlehanded rod. Then I only need to make small adjustments along the way to make it perfect for each situation. 

By Steffen Granbo , Guideline PowerTeam Norway

For my kind of singlehanded salmon fishing I get well covered by using the ULS Hybrid 10ft #5 and #7. I’m using the 5 weight when I am fishing smaller rivers with medium to low water levels. This model is perfect for light shooting heads and makes really nice presentations for spooky salmons. It has a super crisp, smooth and deep action, which are making my casting totally effortless.


When my home river, Gaula, has a low water level I just love my ULS Hybrid 10ft #7. Gaula got some tiny and deep streams where the shooting heads for the light doublehanded rod gets too long for me to fish in a comfortable way. When Gaula are going low its comparable with smaller rivers in flood conditions. This rod handles all densities, many different line weights and lengths. This makes it a good all-rounder, with a powerful back that handles big salmons in challenging situations.

The last two seasons I have tested all the different setups and combinations I have found possible, and after all this time I have chosen some favorites for different conditions using these two rods.


// 1 //  ULS Hybrid 10ft #7 is the one I am using the most during a season. When I am using it in Gaula at low water, I have two different setups I choose depending on the wideness of the current. I usually use ULS in situations with tiny streams and sometimes with lots of rocks. In these situations, I am using the ULS 3D+ 18 grams head, with density chosen after the depth and tactic for each round. Normally it’s 16 grams that are recommend for this rod, but in Gaula I need the extra 5 meters that the 18 grams head gives me. In addition to medium+ sized tubes, the 18 grams head will carry the fly a bit better than what a 16 grams head would. It is not a problem for the rod to carry those two extra grams, it only loads a little deeper and still responds in a good way!

// 2 //  My other setup for Gaula on low water is perfect when I need to cast even longer, but don’t want to choose a doublehanded rod. I then use the ULS 3D+ 16 grams head as a body, and add a ULS interchangeable tip at 3 meters and 4 grams in the end, then a normal tapered leader. With this setup you have a total length of 9,5 meter and 20 grams. This is a killer-setup which can make you achieve a really good casting distance. Also, with this setup you have lots of different densities to choose from. If you really want to challenge the heaviest singlehanded fishing you can make a setup with ULS 3D+ s3/s5/s7 as a body with the ULS Multi-Tip s6/s7, and fish your fly really deep.


// 3 //  When I am fishing in medium sized rivers on low water, the salmon is normally very shy. In these situations, I prefer to still use my 7 weight, but I want to use the ULS 3D+ 16 grams head. One of the benefits with 16 grams vs 18 grams, is that you can control how soft the landing should be. With a lighter head you can really surprise the salmon. As my father always says using this setup: “the only salmon that knows I’m here, is the one that have tasted my fly.” This explains the feeling you have when you are fishing this setup.

// 4 //  The fourth situation I am using my Hybrid 10ft #7 are in small rivers on floody conditions. These rivers normally got fast currents, which can be challenging with light equipment and a good-sized salmon. The hybrid rod with its handle and the powerful back has really help me fighting hard and holding the salmon in the pool. Before the ULS concept arrived, I didn’t have any good solutions on short sinking lines for small and heavy currents. Flashy flies with some weight was a normal choice for me under these floody conditions often very coloured water. If you use the 18 grams head, it carries bigger flies better, and the salmon isn’t spooked during the flood anyway.


// 5 //  I prefer to use the ULS hybrid 10ft #5 when I am fishing small rivers on low water. This is a rod that makes the casting and fishing really effortless, and makes smooth presentations with powerful back to handle great salmons as well. On this rod I am switching between ULS 3D+ and ULS Multi-Tip in 14 grams. Then I can handle windy days and some weight on the fly.

The film presented under are from a two-day trip to a small river in Mid-Norway, after heavy rain the last couple of days before we arrived. Me and my friend Chris Robin Sivertsen had a great experience on a new river, with a well-chosen ULS setup. Enjoy the film! And remember, It’s all about the experience!

Best Regards,
Steffen Granbo
Guideline Power Team Norway



    1. which is your recommendation of the line? Rod is ULS #6. I fishing small and medium rivers trout!

      1. Hi Markku! The rod states 14 gram head weight on the blank and that is a good starting point for many waters and situations. But if you fish small rivers and tight places, and prefer a little deeper flex of the blank, then you should try with a line of around 16 grams. It will load the rod better in tight spots. /Henrik GL

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