From the field – Fario WF lines

For anybody interested in buying a Fario WF fly line we got this report from Power Team member Chris Hague who just tested all the new Fario lines – Tactical, Elite and Distance. Fario Tactical is the new “Presentation” with a refined taper. Fario Elite has same taper as the previous Fario. Fario Distance is a new long belly line that fits in between Fario Elite and old High Water & Experience.

Chris Hague says – In all honesty I have enjoyed casting all three lines and I would pick each line for a different fishing situation. Occasionally I fish the the river Don and the stretch I fish is ultra tight with overhanging trees and zero room. My choice of line for this type of small river would be the Fario Tactical. The short head on this line makes casting with no space easy so it is ideally suited to fishing in this type of environment.

If I had to pick a favourite it would probably be the Fario Elite. This line also spey casts with ease but it equally performs as well with overhead casts. The 5.5 m long front taper on this line turns over long leaders with ease giving you great presentation. This will be my go to line for fishing on the River Derwent this year as room is not at a premium like it is on the River Don and this line is very versatile. It is what I would call an all rounder.

Finally the GL Fario Distance. This line for me is more suited to still water fishing. If I am fishing on a river it tends to be at relatively close range and I’m not looking to cast a at long distances. The longer head on the Distance line and long front taper is ideal for the caster with the ability to aerialise more line and present the fly at distance with a gentle presentation.

To re-cap:
Fario Tactical WF = Tight rivers
Fario Elite WF = Medium size rivers
Fario Distance WF = Large rivers & still waters

Hope this helps you with your line choice.

Link to all Guideline WF flylines >>>

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