Start of the 2020 season

From 15th to 28th of june, I planned to visit four big rivers in the northern parts of Norway. And as we all know there are insanely amount of snow in the mountains. That means I have started to prepare to fish in floody rivers with pure melting water. That is normally around 4 degrees Celsius, which means it will be the heaviest kind of fishing for Atlantic salmon we can experience. This is four rivers are very big, even in normal conditions.

The forecast said it would be between 20 and 30 degrees and sun the whole week, but some cold nights in the mountains. One of the worst combinations I know is to fish ice cold rivers, like these ones and it is 25 dregrees and shiny sun… To survive while wading, I am using wool underwear pants with our Primaloft core pant. That´s just warm enough in the water, aaaaand then we are on land more than five minutes, I am almost dead again. Never an easy combo.

Just to say that, The Guideline Primaloft Core pants are the most incredible clothing to use while wading in cold rivers – just fantastic! The same about our Alta Wind Jacket, breathes perfectly, are UV proof for us that gets burned easily, and mosquito proof. – Absolutely perfect for warm days with lots of mosquitos!

I brought all my heaviest rod, reels, lines and the biggest flies with me. These are all rods that lift up those lines very effective, loads easy, and aren’t so heavy that your back and shoulders fell off in the end of the day. The big flies just presented where you want them.

The main setups were:

NT8 14,9ft #10/11, Vosso Glossy Black 1113, Compline 2 50 lbs and 3D+ s2/s4/s6
NT8 15,9ft #10/11, Vosso HD 1113, Compline 2 50 lbs and 3D+ s3/s5/s8
LPXe 16ft #10/11, Vosso Grey 1113, Compline 2 50 lbs and DD s6/s7

This trip ended up with almost doubled water lever than we wanted as maximum, that explains how much water we had. Even on these conditions we manage to land extremely good numbers of fresh, pure muscle, silver bars. Mainly salmons over 7 kg, and some under. Many of them just emptied powers of my biceps – and what a great feeling!

Just after these two weeks, it is my all-time high season. If I am lucky enough to catch more salmons this season it´s pure bonus. Hope for some rainy periods during the next month’s so my local rivers.

Remember, it´s all about the experience!
Steffen Granbo / Guideline Power Team Norway

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