Salmon Leaders – Guideline Tips&Tricks

In this new episode of Guideline Tips&Tricks, Guideline Sales Rep for UK and Ireland Jim Curry and Guideline Ambassador David Park have a brief conversation about leaders for salmon fishing and how to custom them depending on the conditions and the line sinking rate we are using.

David suggests to custom your leader and its length depending on the sinking rate of the line you are fishing with. The higher the sinking rate, the shorter the leader. He varies his leader set up from a single piece of fluorocarbon, to a longer multi-piece one and finally, when he is fishing higher in the water column, he uses our Guideline Power Strike tapered leaders, lengthen them up to 15 or 18′.


Guideline Egor+ fluorocarbon

Guideline Power Strike Tippet

Guideline Power Strike Tapered Leaders

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