The “Swiss army knife” of trout lines is back!

“The first Experience WF came in 2012 and it was an immediate success among trout anglers that appreciate a line that is as versatile as a dry fly line can be. And versatility was the goal for this line when we started the development process a couple years earlier…”

Guideline staff Rune Andre Stokkebekk setting the hook in a decent trout that was rising upstream.
Calm water, clear, spooky fish and delicate presentations is a must.

Making a line that should cover all distances doing both overhead casts with good stability and water born casts such as spey casts certainly demand that you think a little out of the box. If you also add into the equation that you want a line that is agile enough on short distance, so you get that good feeling of connectivity and control, there will be some deviation from the AFTM standard. And this is the reason why this line is a line weight heavier than our other WF lines when weighing up the head. This does not mean that you must go one size down on the lines. For all Guideline rods you can use same line weight on both rod and line. However, if you like a lighter feel, choosing one size down also works perfectly. In general, for medium to fast rods choose the same line weight as the rod, if you have a slower, deep action rod, then one size down is a safe choice.

Compared to the previous Experience the Experience+ has a little shorter head length, head weights are a tiny bit lighter and holding and handling line is thicker. This gives a line that is easier to cast with better balance in the rear part than its predecessor. Still this new line has great functionality as the original line.


Experience+ is designed to be a line for all kinds of fishing situations with dry flies, nymphs and different types of casts. This fly line turns over long leaders with perfect presentation and accuracy at any distance you can cast. The long belly is followed by a handling line that lets you carry the full head plus overhang with great stability. An important feature when presenting the fly to shy fish, at long distance. But it’s not all about distance, this line also works perfect on short and medium distance. You don’t have to carry a lot of line outside the rod tip to shoot line.

The short back taper makes this quite a fast fly line, which is the key to being such a great all-rounder. The short back taper also make it a very capable line for spey casts. As with all good spey lines the majority of weight or mass in the fly line is located towards the end of the head to directly connect with the rod tip and load the rod properly with stability. On this line the holding line is orange and for spey casting that part works well as a part of the line you hold on to when casting, done so the back taper will be just inside the guides and the last part of the belly is outside the rod tip.

Christopher Rownes aiming for the far bank in Laxá, Iceland.
Nice controlled loops at longer distance and stability all the way to the tip is needed.


This line is targeted for the angler that frequently fish medium to long distance in both rivers and lakes. This line is extremely stable when holding line in the air and presents the fly delicately but also works perfectly if you need to shoot line. Compared to our standard lines like 4 Cast and Presentation which are brilliant for casters at all levels, i would say that the Experience+ is the choice for the little more experienced fly caster. And that is exactly why we call it Experience, you need some experience to love it and if you got it you will get a really good one.


The line profile is built up with a 4-meter front taper, a 6,9-meter level belly and a 1,5-meter back taper (#5). This creates a line that is easy to pick up from the water and very well suited for switch- and spey casts. There is also a 1,5m handling line that gives stability and durability to the hauling zone of the line. It also lets you carry more of the fly line outside the rod tip with full control and back part of line tracks better in the air without falling/getting sag with the rear part of the head.

The Experience+ is a tri-colored fly line, the head has a pale olive color, the handling line is orange to give you a good reference when holding line in the air when overhead casting. The running line has a bone white color. Experience+ WF is built on a braided multifilament core with a little stretch. There are small, factory-made welded loops in the front and back ends of the line and a laser ID marking near the tip. The fly line box and spool are eco-friendly and recyclable.

ModelHead LenghtHead WeightColorTotal Lenght
Experience+ WF4F12m / 39,7ft12,5g / 193 gr.Pale olive/orange/bone white27,5 m/90 ft
Experience+ WF5F12,5m / 41ft14,5g / 223 gr.Pale olive/orange/bone white30 m/98 ft
Experience+ WF6F12,5m / 41ft16,5g / 253 gr.Pale olive/orange/bone white30 m/98 ft
Experience+ WF7F12,5m / 41ft18,5g / 285 gr.Pale olive/orange/bone white30 m/98 ft

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