Alta 2.0 Wading Boot

Alta 2.0 wading boot is a top modern and technical wading boot with all materials selected carefully to be durable … More

New LPXe models 2020

The LPXe series is buried deep inside our DNA and part of the soul of Guideline. In 2017 this classic … More

Foldable Carbon Wading Staff

Foldable Carbon Wading Staff – New product season 2020! Compact, lightweight and sturdy wading staff made of strong graphite with … More

Finland & big trout

Words & images by Emil Westrin, Guideline Power Team Sweden. Drone & additional images by Helge Dahlen & Pasi Visakivi.  … More

Trentino Experience

By Javier Peña – Guideline Ambassador Spain. Photos by author & Agustin Iglesias. In the heart of the Italian Alps, … More