Mayfly Time!!

Ephemera Vulgata and Ephemera Danica is often referred to as Mayflies in the UK and are the highlight for many … More

Chalkstream spring tactics

Words by Gilly Bate, Guideline UK Ambassador. Images by Gilly Bate & Alvaro G. Santillan. The Hampshire chalk streams usually … More

Indi Klink and Buzzer rig

Words by Henrik LarssonImages by Alvaro G Santillan One of the new flies in the Guideline line-up is a Klinkhamer … More

HA tube fly series

How important is the salmon fly? One of 1000 theories. By Guideline Ambassador Hajas Andersson. Many say that it does … More

Muddler Zonker

Words & images by Emil Westrin, Guideline Power Team Sweden I got questions and Step-By-Step requests on social media when … More

The Brown Fly

Word & images by Calle Lundqvist, Guideline Power Team Sweden. Some of you may remember the blogpost from May this year … More