Fario NT8

Written by: Miren Elosegui

We could sum up the Fario NT8 rods in three words: lightness, strength and sensitivity.

For the anglers who use ultralight equipment as I do, and for those who are not used to utilise #5 rods or higher because of the fatigue the weight causes, – it is a rod that really surprises. Those who normally use powerful rods from renowned American brands will understand what I am talking about. Well, the NT8 rods share this strength but at the same time, they enable us to feel the line, and their incredible lightness will make us feel very comfortable without getting tired after a long fly fishing day.

Besides, we can now choose between a full wells grip or a half wells one in #4 and #5 models, custom designed and manufactured from Super Grade cork in Portugal.

Definitely, if you are looking for strong emotions during the fighting and you want to take your gear to an extreme of being close to lose a fish, this is not your rod. The Fario NT8 series works intensely from the butt to the tip of the rod, tiring the fish quickly with a permanent sense of control that you have never felt before. If you try it, it will turn into your favorite one. I promise you.

In effect, this season I had the privilege of testing a #5 during a few long fly fishing sessions in the rivers of Castilla y León, facing the difficult wild Spanish trouts. I must admit that all the process, starting with the fly presentation and finishing with the trout in my net, was a full and satisfying experience even using 20’ long leaders or more. Without any doubt, its line precision and the sense of security that the NT8 series transmits in the fighting are its strengths. These rods have totally convinced me. And you? Are you going to try it? 

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