The important terminal tackle

Words by Aitor Coteron, Guideline Ambassador. Images by Aitor Coteron & Alvaro G. Santillan

Fly fishing is about dreaming; it doesn’t matter if that dream is made of glimpses of that distant destination or of evocations of sceneries closer to home, every fishing project is full of expectations. Such an important psychological —and at times, monetary— investment asks for giving our tackle the consideration it deserves.

Leaders and tippets are a key part of our gear; better to pay as much attention to them as we devote to rods, reels and lines, as terminal tackle is as determinant a piece of our tackle as any other. Although I normally use conventional copolymer monofilament at the end of my leader, there are three instances in which I consider that the advantage that fluorocarbon provides due to its high abrasion resistance properties is essential:

Saltwater fly fishing:
My experience in this kind of scenarios is really scarce, but after seeing what razor sharp coral structures can make with a pair of sturdy wading boots in just three weeks of fishing, I wouldn’t venture there without a high quality fluorocarbon leader.

Fly fishing for barbel:
When hooked, barbel don’t seek refuge under stones, behind roots or branches, or into undercut banks; they employ another cunning tactic: to run like crazies all over the place, rubbing their mouths against the bottom in the process, in order to get rid of that annoying piece of metal in their mouths. Landing one of those big boys depends many times on the ability of your tippet to withstand such a bad treatment. For me, fluorocarbon is a must.

Fly fishing for serious trout:
If your scenario combines big trout with obstacles like rocks, logjams, undercut banks… or any other feature of this kind that trout —unlike barbel— are surely going to use in their advantage, fluorocarbon is, again, a must.

When some years ago in New Zealand I finished shooting the video below, two things amazed me:
First, the remarkable fishing skills of my mate Álvaro.
Second, the quality of the 5X Egor fluorocarbon monofilament by Guideline; surviving that scene without a single nick is no small feat for a leader. Great material indeed.

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