Fario NT8 Trout flyrods

The ultimate fishing- and casting experience. Fario NT8’s smooth action and the fact that they are made of Silica Nano Matrix give you uncompromised sensitivity, line control and blank strength in all aspects of your fishing. Fario NT8 is built with Silica Nano-Resin reinforcing technology which reduces rod weight and increases the strength in the carbon fibres.


The blank is constructed from IM8-T46 High Tensile carbon, designed to achieve a rod action that was impossible until now. In these rods you get the full package with features for the most variated trout fishing situations, no compromise! The rods are very precise and light in hand. A ¾ deep action with lightning-fast recovery speed connects you with the whole blank from the shortest to the longest line length managed.

A specific rod action and speed will influence the whole presentation of a fly cast. It has a major influence on the turnover of your leader. Rods that are too fast and stiff have a tendency to not be able to deliver that perfect presentation, especially when using a long leader. The Fario NT8 has a delicacy and presentation par excellence.

Perfect for sophisticated trout fishers who know there is no margin for error when a hatch is on! Fario NT8 fits a wide range of casting styles and skill sets, they are easy to cast and deadly accurate, rigid rods. The #4 and #5wt models are fantastic rods for delicate dry fly- and nymph fishing and protect the thinnest tippets while playing that trophy fish. The two #6wt models feature a more powerful action to suit dry and wet fishing for larger fish in more wind exposed areas from boat or bank.

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Link to Fario NT8 at the Guideline website


Stories from the field #1 – Guideline Fario NT8  9´ #5.

Rune A Stokkebekk – Guideline HQ Norway. 

My experience with the Fario NT8 started in late June on a trip to northern Sweden where I met Leif and got a 904 and 905 + some spare pieces in my hand to try out. At that time the rods where in the final stage of signing off the actions and we need to conclude on a couple parts for these two rods. My first impression of the rods was how light they are in hand and how well balanced they feel, and this still strikes me when I compare them to other rods i have. The 5 wt that I have used the most feels more like a 4wt.


The conditions in Sweden was tough, very little hatching, low water, sunny and spooky fish. Which means 18-20ft long leaders and 6-7x tippets and stealthy presentations. After a week’s fishing with several good trout’s on 1-1,5kg on dries and skinny leaders I concluded with one very important feature in a true all-round dry fly and nymph rod: This rod is gentle on the leaders and you can play big fish hard and safe.

I am a 70% dry fly purist who fish occasionally with streamers and nymphs. And I prefer my rods being highly progressive with a smooth action curve. I have been using Fario Classic and CRS for most of my fishing and the Fario NT8 is kind of fitting in between these if we compare the curve of the bent rod. The rest of the features in the NT8 is at a totally different level compared to these two rods. The NT8 has greater recovery speed and accuracy, it is also incredible stable in not only forward/backward directions, sideways too.

The rods are all other than stiff rods, these are lively fishing rods with good- and effortless casting properties. In my fishing i do a lot of underhand-/Spey casting and these rods are just fantastic. Just relax, focus on having a good time and you will feel that lower part of the rod being so predictable and strong. And on the shorter cast that super sensitive top section will feel like a real extension of your fingertips… All that without a stiff or weak spot…

The actions where clear by august and i got me a 905 which i have used for around 20 days fishing since that. Most of the time I have had the Fario WF #5 on it which is a superb combo for all-round fishing in both rivers and lakes.  I have used other lines too (4 Cast, Presentation & Highwater) on it in a range of 10-14 grams head weight and all felt very good on the rod. This is a very capable rod for a quite wide spectrum of casting weight, however my best compromise of delicacy and distance are with lines from 12-14grams.


Stories from the field #2 – Guideline Fario NT8  9´ #5.

Christopher Rownes – Guideline European Sales Rep. 

From our European sales rep Christopher Rownes we have got the following report:  – I got the chance to test the new Fario NT8 this fall, and what an experience! The rod is one of the sweetest and smoothest rods I have every had the pleasure to cast! A silky smooth action and effortless line speed the rod presents the fly so delicately you feel almost one with the rod. Matched with a Fario 46 reel and a Guideline 4 cast WF line you have something really special in you hand. .


The grip is formed in just such an organic shape and from the best and smoothest cork you can imagine, giving superb feel and control throughout the cast. Fitted with the highest quality Fuji rings and a sexy satin black finish its just a dream. This rod really takes Guideline into a new trout fishing age.

Finally Chris states; I can not wait to cast a dry over some big old brown trout with this rod very soon!

Currently Chris is in New Zeeland together with Guideline product manage Leif Stävmo and fishing companion Jan Eckman. As you can see from the images they are doing well with the big browns and the Fario NT8!








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