The all new Guideline LPX fly rods

We are happy, proud and humbled to present to you the all new LPX rod models – 35 new fly rods divided into LPX Chrome, LPX Tactical, LPX Nymph and LPX Predator. Add to this last year success LPX Coastal and the series now consists of over 40 of the most specific and best tools for each different technique, fish or location you can imagine. They all carry the Guideline heritage and brings it to a next level of performance, while keeping an eye in the future of the planet. Every rod is tailor made to exceed our expectations, whether you are targeting sea trout, tropical species, salmon, pike or trout, from a little stream in Lapland, going through a powerful Norwegian salmon river, to the Indian Ocean. These rods will never let you down. LPX – it’s more than a rod.

Our classic and trusted LPXe fly rods has for many years been the core rod series for us here at Guideline. It has brought so many sweet memories and great experiences not only for us as a company, but also for thousands of fly anglers across Scandinavia, Europe and the world. Nobody really wanted to part from those rods, they were part of us, they were Guideline. The core, soul and DNA of our brand.

But finally we came to a point where there were so many new developments in material, components and eco work that made us certain that we could design a new rod series. A selection of fly rods that actually maintained the soul and DNA of our Guideline brand, and at the same time reflecting the future and the days that lie ahead.

In 2020 we released the LPX Coastal rods, and they became an immediate success, and made us sure that we were on the right path. Now its time for the rest to follow, 35 different rods divided into sub series with a clear and focused purpose and the ability to handle a wide variety of situations.

Please welcome LPX Chrome, LPX Tactical, LPX Nymph & LPX Predator.

LPX Chrome – for the angler searching for salmon, sea trout & steelhead.

LPX Tactical – designed to fit the dedicated trout, char & grayling angler.

LPX Nymph – perfect tools for all aspects of modern nymph fishing.

LPX Predator – toothy critters in all waters, beware.

LPX Coastal – since 2020 the first choice for coastal & saltwater flats anglers.

These new LPX rods means a lot to us. They carry a legacy of something that brought Guideline to where we are today. They are designed and fine-tuned to take that heritage into the future, and that is something you don’t take easily. For us it is important to take those small steps for a better planet, and the eco-features of the LPX rods include non grinded blanks, water-based non-toxic glue and PVD coated chromium-free guides. We also use low-toxic coatings on rods and wrappings and recycled fabrics in rod bags and tube covers, plus low diameter polypropylene tubes.

For us it is important to do what we can, and in the end; It’s all about the experience.

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